8’ All Purpose Poly Waterer

Item No. 40161 – With Lids
Item No. 40160 – Without Lids (for inside use or mild temperatures)

  • Floating Lids Save 80-90% on Heating Costs
  • Capacity 300 beef cattle, 150 dairy cattle.
  • Floating lids keep heat in during cold weather and keep water cooler in the summer.
  • Lids float freely on stainless steel rods.
  • Two heaters, one under each lid, keep the entire unit ice-free even in sub zero weather.
  • Valve is easily accessible – no tools required.
  • Drains at each end make waterer easy to clean.
  • Twelve concrete mounting points hold the waterer solidly in place.
  • Rib construction adds to it’s strength.
  • Floating lids help retard algae growth, and prevent cattle from splashing water out of the unit – eliminating ice build-up and mud.
  • Spray foam insulation